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project huia

  project huia 

This book was published by Des hunt in 2014. Des hunt is a  great child book artist the book project huia was a finalist in 2014 at the New Zealand post children's book award and at the LIAZNA book awards Story-lines Notable Book 2014Des Hunt is a young adult fiction writer. He was a school teacher for more than 40 years and has published two textbooks. Des hunt has a unusual nick name Dessy. The strong environmental messages in Hunt’s novels  of New Zealand fauna and flora . His first novel, A Friend in Paradise,  was a finalist in the 2003 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards.  Des Hunt was also a finalist in the Junior Fiction section of the 2007 . Living at the age of 74 he is still writing great books for children to read . 

Project huia is about in 1947, Jim and his sister Mavis have seen  something extraordinary in their backyard. A magnificent black huia  a bird thought to have been extinct for the past 40 years.  Concerned for the huia’s safety. Jim and Mavis decide to follow the bird down a rail tunnel and into a reserve. Then they learn there are people who want to harm the bird – and their adventure quickly becomes a race to save the bird’s life. 40 years later, many are eager to learn what happened to the last huia; and the only surviving person who knows is Jim. Now an old man, Jim is fighting cancer and never speaks about the fate of the bird…but a group of scientists need his story to unravel the mystery of the extinct species. With the help of his grandson Logan, Jim shows remarkable storytelling skills as he tells his tale. However, not everyone believes Jim’s story, and there is a dangerous hooded figure haunting their steps to find the bird. It’s up to Logan to help his grandfather prove himself, and to continue  find the last huia.  project huia is a book with several chapters as a flash back from when he was only a child how him and his sister Mavis found a huia in the gorge 

My judgement of the book project huia  is that it is a great book for children  because it teaches them how much you should care about  native birds plants and any thing that is native. living our staying in an native environment. This is why i think Des Hunt ids great writter because of the fascinating novels he has write E.G project huia, crown park, whale pot bay and 29 others  

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