Monday, 22 June 2015

Project Huia

            This story is a bit of a drama. Des hunt picked a story that would blow everyone
 away and would hook the reader in. Huia is a wonderful rare bird that most people would never find, but in this book Jim and Mavis did .Des Hunt’s novels never fail to amaze and inspire. Project Huia is an excellent tale full of adventure, mystery and action, written in a beautiful fashion that will enchant readers both young and old. This is a superb book, which will make you think differently about the way you see endangered species and remind you of the importance of family and loyalty 

It was 1947, and Jim and his sister Mavis have seen something extraordinary in their backyard. A magnificent black huia – a bird thought to have been extinct for the past 40 years.  Concerned for the huia’s safety, Jim and Mavis decide to follow the bird down a rail tunnel and into a reserve. Then they learn there are people who want to harm the bird – and their adventure quickly becomes a race to save the bird’s life. Jim is fighting cancer and never speaks of the last huia.

I think this text is a wonderful text because lots of people have good opinions on it.It was also very good how he has lots and lots of detail and description. . Everyone will love this text, its mixed with emotions and all the characters have different personalities. This is why i think this is a great text.

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