Tuesday, 21 July 2015

WALT: identify the features of discussions.

Connectives to link arguments and connectives to introduce different points of view
Discussions contain connectives to link arguments, e.g. The All Blacks are the best rugby team because they have quality players, moreover the haka is amazing. Discussions also contain connectives to introduce different points of view, e.g. The All Blacks are a quality team, however some people believe the Silver Ferns are better. What connectives can you use writing about these pictures?

Words to show cause and effect
Discussions contain words that show cause and effect. These words are used to back up arguments with evidence and reasons. For example, "Smoking is bad for you health because it causes cancer."
What cause and effect words can you use when writing sentences about these videos?

E.g. The baby panda sneezing results in the mother panda getting a fright. 
E.g. The antelope hits the rider, therefore he is knocked to the ground smashing his helmet.

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