Thursday, 25 June 2015


Des Hunt   Project Huia

This book was published by Des Hunt in 2014. Des Hunt is still writing books for kids all ages. The book Project Huia has captured our whole class, reading the tittle made us want to read this amazing book. If i had a choice to read this book or another I would choose this book knowing that Des Hunt is a fantastic witter and the tittle makes me want to read this.

This text is a flash back of when Des was a young boy with his sister Mavis, in 1947 him and his sister saw a bird such as a huia (Olivia) this bird was considered extinct for many decades. Des and Mavis went to find that huia but did not want any one to find out about Olivia. They first thought to take a photo to show every one the huia still live, then they find out that people want to kill the huia .

 I think that des hunt is a amazing writer and did an amazing job with project huia. I would love to read another one of his books. Project huia was good because there was breath taking and exiting parts it just made me want to read on. There was lots of drama too. I also like how it ended in a happy ending.

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